Lou Cantor

...and subdue it.

The work consist of five RQ codes divided into two groups. First links to a YouTube video of young Richard Dawkins explaining Anatoli Rapoport strategy. This part is a voice in discussion about political dimension of generosity proposed by Ana and Warren. Tit for Tat won, on a long run, against other, more "nasty" strategies sent for the tournament, perhaps we can assume such a credit of trust and support from the side of the city authorities to the art community would be a winning strategy for berlin. The second group of four tags and the newspaper entry questions Western European juxtaposition of humans and nature (deeply rooted in Christian tradition "...fill the earth and subdue it."). Such a division creates conflict, phantasies of fear and separation from the, once generous, nature so systematically destroyed by people. Other examples of cultures established radically different retaliations to our planet..